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finally read through the last 2 days of LJ entries.
Had a busy weekend of family and funerals. It actually went fairly well, wasn't the depressing occasion that the last funeral in my family was. Different religious perspective seemed to give it a different feel. Very positive.

Is anyone reading this strongly christian? I have some curiosity that I'd like to satiate.

Life's starting to move quickly, we've started packing stuff up bit by bit, we're confirmed for moving into badgerhaus (there was some concern), my sister's in town now till the end of may for her 2nd wedding thingy, and yeah.
the pace is quickening!

anyway, I've taken over 30 calls already today. Viruses are teh suck.
good thing I am teh mastar of teh virus! our home systems are clean and well protected.
woo pah!

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