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Well, i updated the bios and tried again.
No luck.
So I pulled out my old video card that has a PCI interface and I'm currently formatting the hard drive for another go at the bitch.
It worked fine with my old setup.
so go the perils of upgrading.
Hopefully it'll like the PCI interface better.
Next thing to try is swapping out the RAM stick for a different one. Perhaps I got a bad one. It happens.
*crosses fingers*
hopes not.
Anyway, I'm going to get some food while it formats. Takes the stupid thing ages to format.
big drive.
Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I'll have good news on this front.

In other news...
boring day at Unisys, did pretty much nothing but try to figure out what I was going to try on the puter this evening.
No frisbee until thursday.
Friday is my first paycheck from Unisys. That'll be nice. :o)
hopefully the next post will be from my machine.

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