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Ah, nothing like a little lunchtime tech support for a friend.


Every once in awhile, I remember what it's like to enjoy helping people.
that rarely happens at my official job.

These useless, self-righteous, pompus, stupid gits that i have to help all day long just don't appreciate what we do for them. Intelligent well-spoken friends of mine, even if they may be exceedingly frustrated and pissed off at the time, are at least intelligent enough to respect what I have to say, and can comprehend that I'm trying to help them. But people who I'm paid to support?
Oh no.

Out of, say, 10 callers:
2-3 will be real issues that they genuinely needed assistance to fix.
Half of these people are usually appreciative, which is nice. the other half are just brusque and pissy that it isn't working.
(out of these people, 10% will be an intelligent, experienced computer user who just needs something done that they don't have permissions to do.)

1 will be truly obnoxious, rude, or even hostile.

6 will be clueless users who just don't know what they're doing.
These people are either sweet little old ladies who just need some handholding, or people who refuse to do things the way they need to, and end up seriously fuxoring their document or computer.

It's great.

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