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Stupid community spammers.
This is my JL Abuse report I submitted.

This is the first time since I've had an LJ (3ish years) that I've reported abuse, I don't get pissed off easily.

Issue: Community members specifically advertising by leaving links in people's personal journals as comments. I feel that this is an abuse of the Lj commenting system. I have anonymous comments turned off to avoid advertising and such in my journal, and the fact that another LJ user would randomly post junk in my journal is really annoying.

Quote from the community info showing that they're doing this as a policy:
"if you got a link to this community on your journal and you don't want to join, or it makes you angry, be nice. Don't be mean to us."

Community: _r_e_a_l_i_t_y_
Username: x_hatchet_x

I'm trying to avoid joining the community (an open community) and posting inflamatory comments, but I'm having a hard time restraining myself.

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