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The LJ-cut in which our hero witnesses a wedding, searches for an apartment, and watches shit blow up:

So friday night I ran out to my parent's house, and borrowed my dad's car, because mine is falling to pieces at the moment. It's wonderful. Zoomed back to badgerhaus, where we had a lovely dinner with the BadgerHaus folks. I forget what it was at this point, but it was lovely. that's for sure. Oh! Beet soup! that was tasty. and Meg's pile of zucchini and stuff. mmm...
Sorry, tangent.
After dinner we packed, crashed, and got up early saturday.

Saturday we drove 7 hours north to Vermont, to attend the wedding of one of my college roommates. It was a cute little ceremony, only like 50 people I think. Meg and I did some swing dancing, but the music selection was ... eclectic to say the least. So the songs we could, we danced to. it was fun.
Crashed at my other college roommate's mother's house. BEAUTIFUL! Vermont is just so damned pretty, it's painful. Wonderful house up on the side of a mountain, overlooking lots of rolling green. hammocks rule.

Had a hard time leaving sunday morning, but we got out of there around noon, and tooled down to Boston. Met up with one apartment (sublet condo actually), liked it, but it was small and expensive. Met up with my cousin and had a cookout with some friends of his. Good people, we liked them. No veggie option for the Meg though, that was bad. blah. apparently there was, we were just too polite/wussy to make a fuss about it and cause it to happen. That night we walked like 45 minutes to a hill (in Jamaica Plain) where we watched the Boston Fireworks. They were ok, I wasn't terribly impressed by most of it. but we were far away, so whatever. It was freezing, we hadn't prepared to walk so far, or be so cold, and there was some angst going on. Wasn't a terribly pleasant way to end the day, but enh. Crashed on an aerobed in the cousin's living room of the apartment we should have had (damned realtors! damn them to hell!). Slept with a cat trying to snuggle under the sheets with us all night.

Monday morning, got up bright and early. Only it wasn't so bright, threatening to rain on us. blah. We took a subway up to Sullivan Sq. to scope out an apartment up there. It was a nice BIG place, 2br + study, all 10 foot ceilings, but it wasn't in very good shape and the neighborhood... frankly sucked. Went back down into JP to see another apartment, but it started pouring and we both got VERY grumpy, having not eaten, not having umbrellas, and not being much closer to a place to live. We decided to grab the subway back down towards my cousin's, and the next apartment we were going to check out. after some miserable stumbling about in the pouring rain, we got us some super tasty sandwiches, and got into the car, and ate tasty, and drove to the next apartment (which was more or less right up the road). That apartment was... blah. we were not impressed, but at least tasty sandwiches had improved our mood.
Headed back to cousin's place, and popped onto craigslist while the girl tried to call some of the other apartments to see what we could look at next. I found a place, posted 20 minutes before I saw it, and it looked wonderful. In a prime location, 2 bedrooms, price was decent... we called them and drove up to see it. Within an hour we were there, poking around, and really liking it. We signed a lease, and the rest was history.

Took the cousin and wife out to dinner, had yummy thai. mmm... so yummy. Went to JP Licks and had yummy ice cream. mmm... so very yummy. Then got in a car at 9:15 and drove all the way to Philly.
Oooo... that might have been a mistake.
Stumbled into the house around 3am, collapsed into bed and fell instantly asleep (despite 1/2 liter of Mountain Dew and a dose of NoDoze still coursing through my system).
Alarm at 6:45, stumble into shower, zoom to work in dad's car, and have a crappy (aka normal) day at work.

man I'm beat.
and I'm supposed to have a game tonight.
But dad called, I can keep the car until saturday, so that's good.

I can go home and nap.

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