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so I haven't read my friends page since... sunday.
I'm staying away for now.

There's a brewing store right near the apartment! I'm so psyched... now I just have to wait for it to get cool enough to brew.

Speaking of cool, we have an air conditioner. We like to use it at night so we sleep better, and meg doesn't wake up all congested from the hot humid air. We hadn't needed it all summer because our room at badgerhaus was so well ventilated, but this apartment is a little stuffy, and it'd be nice to take the edge off at night.
We stick it in the window, turn it on, and it just blows air. no cold. only makes half the sound it should. If it were a car I could say it wasn't turning over. Basically it sounds like it's not getting enough power to kick on the compressor.
I whip out my handy dandy multimeter and check the line. 116 volts baseline, that seems ok. I keep it on the line and turn on the AC again, bam. down to 90 volts on the line and all the lights in the apt. get dim.
Really sounds like the wiring isn't up to snuff in the apartment. But the fridge is fine. It's pissing me off. we tried it on two different circuits in the apartment with the same results. just not enough juice. made sure the fridge wasn't running, same results. nadda.
I'm pissed.
I can't truly determine if it's the unit itself, or if it is indeed the wiring in the apartment. Either way, a pain in the ass. I'm considering calling the landlord tomorrow and asking him to send an electrician over. I think i'll call my dad first though. I'll try him now.

Is there an electrician in the audience?

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