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Day one, DONE!
went well, I'm apparently the new backup tape guru. lucky me.
This means that my job is 7-4.
yay for getting out at 4!
yay for missing most of rush hour!
booooo for having to get up at 6am. >_<

Ah well.
Nice easy half-hourish commute on the T, good lunch places in the area for not too expensive, and at least a few fun coworkers it seems.

I think I'll like it there once I get settled in. the calls they get are mostly technical in nature, not just boring old "how do I send an e-mail?" style calls, so it should actually engage my brain more than once a day or so. Their software kinda sucks, the call tracking system is ASS, and it's all lotus notes based (that's just so early 90's!).
Oh, and corporate firewall kinda restricts access to many sites. I won't have my own machine 'till wednesday, but I suspect that blogging sites (such as yon LJ) might be blocked. If so, I predict it'll take me about... oh... five minutes to defeat that pathetic attempt at locking me down. (Little SSH tunnel here, firefox proxy settings there...)

anyway, my curtlepine and I have some anniversary-ing to do.

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