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Ok, so my fellow intern here at Unisys is clueless.
He's computer science/engineering major at a respected university near here.
How he manages that without ever having used an OS except windows is beyond me.
He comes whining to me about how he's trying to tech himself java and don't have a compiler on his machine. He has shell accounts on his university's unix servers, but of course he doesn't know how to access them, and I have a feeling that he could crash a freeBSD machine in seconds.
So i find the JDK tools on sun's website and send him a link to it. any minute now he'll come over and whine about how he can't figureout how to install it. Then he won't know how to use it.
He's a CS major! and a rising senior!
And these are the people that will be getting hired over me because my degree is in Anthro rather than CS?
Makes me want to climb a water tower with a high powered rifle. (there ya go tommy, I like guns in some instances.)
Anyway, I need to go talk to some one about how long to leave to get to the airport in rush hour traffic. My parents are flying into philly at 6PM and are making me pick them up. *sigh*
I get to take the train out, but they have a loving son to pick them up.
Enough ranting.

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