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So my schedule at work goes like this.

7am - get in, do tape swaps for 2 hours.
+ relaxing, mindless, good way to start off the day. I just need an MP3 player with headphones or a good book and I'm set.

9am -> 4pm, on the phones, with an hour lunch break.

I'm sick of phones, but at least for next week I'm the primary phone person. There's another new person who should be on the phones with me a lot, but she's out next week. Hopefully after next week I won't be on 6 hours a day.
If it continues, I'll seriously have to reevaluate this job, as that's not what I thought i was signing on for.
We'll see.
Hopefully after next week it'll be more like 4 hours.

On a completely different topic, YAY! Badgers coming to visit!!!

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