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So the new job.
It's ok.
Right now it's boring as shit. As I mentioned last week, I'm on the phones
all week, 6 hours a day. Which, at the moment, means that I'm just killing
time and surfing on thar intarweb. Unfortunately I can't even SSH out of
here, so I can't do anything to get my server up and running. It's pissing
me off, because I have so much free time right now, and the one thing that
I've been trying to make the time to do is the one thing I just can't do.
I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out a way to bust around this
firewall so I can actually get something done, to no avail. It's pissing
me off.
In the first week of this job, I lost about 5 pounds because I was
actually moving around, doing stuff. If yesterday was any indication, this
week's going to give me those 5lbs right back, cause I'm sitting on my ass
on the phones yet again.
Changing the backup tapes went smoothly this morning for the second time
since I started here. Was a refreshing change.

Had a great weekend with the badgers, but it was far too short as weekends
are wont to be.

Damnit, meant to call my momma yesterday.
Oh, our TV went kablooie last night. Totally toast. So since our new bank
accounts had finally opened and we had money available to us again, we
went out and picked up a cheap replacement. Picture quality beats the heck
out of that 15 year old one it replaced. heh. As a result I had to redo
most of the electronic wiring in the house. Took me most of the evening,
but hey, I enjoy that kinda stuff. Anyway, that's why I didnt' get around
to calling the momma-bear. I'll call her this afternoon when it's slow
around here.

Anyway, work's picking up for the morning rush.
back to the *gag* phones.
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