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ah, memories.
if you google my real name, you could end up on pbs.org reading about the (awesome) band I was in during college.
They described us thusly:
"Blocking Consensus came together in 1998 at Haverford College in Philadelphia. The eight-member group chose their name while debating the merits of the Quaker-based value system integral to their college. Their influences include an eclectic mix of traditional and third wave ska, hard rock, punk, and heavy metal. This mix has developed into a socially conscious party music heard often on area campuses."

Pretty good all told. In truth the name came about because we couldn't agree on a name because someone was always 'blocking consensus.'

The band fell apart because the singer and lead guitarist decided they were too good for the rest of us, and went off on their own. They failed miserably.
I have great memories of playing for like 200 people a couple times... our music was impossible not to get caught up in.

I miss that band.

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