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So I'm reading through my entire livejournal.
my longest post ever? my review of the first LoTR movie. link
and damn, I was very disturbingly devoted to playing diablo2. making a mental note to keep an eye on myself for signs of relapse.

Work's going well, was awful hectic here today.
I'd been putting off this DATA ENTRY crap that the bossman asked me to do, and got a little bit of crap for it today. *sigh* I mean come on, I'm here to fix computers, not do data entry. but whatever. I'm lowman on the totem pole, I can accept that. I just don't have to like it.
Tomorrow I'm going to log some serious overtime hours, going to our 'disaster recovery' site after-hours to setup all the computers that are there. In effect, the company has two fully functional offices but only uses one. expensive? you betcha.

I'm a little woozy today, I feel like I didn't sleep, although I really got plenty of sleep. go figure. *sigh*

Brewed another batch of beer last night. I think it started to ferment overnight, but I didn't get a chance to sit and watch it this morning on my way rushing out the door.
It's an oktoberfest recipe, but it's usually done as a Lager (meaning fermented at about 40F degrees), but I don't have a spare fridge to Lager in so I'm doing it as a standard ale instead. (fermented between 60F-75F) Should come out ok I think.
Some people have been inquiring about the brewing process, so I'll do a little writeup next.

I miss the badgers, and I promised to write them letters, and I haven't been.
I'm a bad person.
Well, that and I'm really bad at writing letters.

Been e-mailing with my sister, she sent me pics of old high-school friends but the pics are postage stamp sized shots of multiple people, so I can bearly tell who they are. I'm going to have to play with them in photoshop and see if I can pull any more detail out of them.

Tonight I'm going to go pick up a new laser printer, because Meg's grad school computer labs want to charge her like 20 cents a page to print there, and if she doesn't print stuff she's got like 300 pages of reading per week (or more) to read off the computer screen. Bad on the eyes for sure. I'm gonna get it (and the photo printer) setup on the network too, I'm pretty psyched. The printer does duplexing, which is super sweet. We could get one without duplexing for cheaper, but it'll make a big difference in the amount of paper we go through, and we're environmentally conscious little yuppies. *smirk*

Oops, gotta do something before I'm back on the phones at 3.

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