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So we had a ridiculously social weekend.

Friday we had Meg's grad school cohort over for dinner stuffs. That was fun, if a little tame. 3 beers were consumed by the group that had
been ranting about wanting to get smashed.

Saturday we had to ourselves, and went to Elephant Walk for a very, very yummy dinner (and a new top beer pick for me).

Sunday morning we went out to Brunch with some friends, was good. Went to S&S deli and had super tasty food. Sunday afternoon/evening I spent cooking for some friends of mine who came over for dinner, while Meg attended a grad school social function. I made shrimp with pineapple in a tasty sauce, saffron rice, and moroccan vegetables. It was all just disturbingly good.

That's about it.
Work's sucky as usual. back to it!
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