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Days pass by.
I'm realizing that I have very little work for my classes. I should do something interesting with my time. unfortunately the college doesn't approve of my having welding equipment in my dorm room.
So, I have to find other ways to amuse myself.
I'm considering a really cool project, for which I will need some expensive computer parts. Otherwise it's just not worth doing. I'm wondering if I can get some campus group to sponser it cause I'm broke. Sort of an idea for a stand-alone kiosk (sp?) where you can check your e-mail and browse the web. Placed somewhere indoors or outdoors on campus. Preferably outdoors in my opinion, but that would require weather-proofing it which would cost even more.
It's an old idea, I know. But I have a new design. I really fukin cool design. And I know software people since I'm mostly hardware. Although I could probably do it myself...
*whips out the dusty c++ skills...*
Woe is the grandious project...
Woe is the broke handbasket...

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