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Ah, red bull.
how you wake me up.

Still recovering from the weekend of 18 hours in a car, and I was pooped this morning. 48 hour thing kicked in hard. I had a red bull left over from the trip home on sunday night, so I drank it this morning once I got to work.
I'm still bouncy.

Work's not very interesting this week. last week it was crazy hectic and I was running around like crazy.
It was fun.
I prefer days where there's lots of stuff going on to these sloooow days.
Makes the time more interesting and the days pass more quickly.

***caution, photo geekdom***
Brought back my cameras from home, there's a photo shop right near my office too, so I can start shooting again and get stuff developed there. I'm debating the merits of analog photography vs. digital, and considering getting a nice digital SLR and selling one of my 2 manuals. But then I don't have the pictures in hand, which is one of the best parts of taking the pictures in the first place.
I have a decent photo printer, but the prints fade fast. we put a few up on our fridge when we moved in to boston about 2 months ago, and they're already VERY noticibly faded. 2 months. psht.
If I get a nice digital, I'll get a good quality 4x6 dye sublimination printer. Those prints last forever, even if the ink is a little more pricey.
***Ok, safe now***

We brought back the box we left at my parents' house by accident, so now meg has all her teapots. *glee*

I'm supposed to be making instructions for burning CDs, but the crappy software keeps crashing.
Doesn't bode well.
Instead I'm browsing the curtlepine's picture collection in search of new icons for me LJ.

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