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red sox.
who cares?

My adopted city is off it's collective rocker today with love for a baseball team, while I couldn't give less of a shit. Sorry to all of you baseball/redsox fans out there, but it's true.
I find baseball supremely boring.
Thus, I will not mention it again.

Life goes on.
Work is alternately pissing me off, and offering me little glimpses of potential goodness. *sigh* I hate being jerked around. I'm starting to be tempted to look around again for what else is out there, but there's so much potential here that I would hate to just walk away. At the same time, it's sucking right now. I'm on the phones for 5+ hours a day. 5+ hours of mind-numbing boredom. Every day.
I supposed it's better than 5+ hours of sheer terror every day...

I've had a good few evenings at home, the curtlepine and I are getting along even better than usual lately, and it's nice. I think we're starting to adjust to where we are right now, settle down after the move, and get used to our new occupations.

Lunar eclipse last night was cool, I'm wishing I had a good tripod for my camera so I could have tried some time-lapse shots or multiple exposures. perhaps I'll track down a benbo. I'm debating trading in my laptops for an apple laptop, but I'm also wanting a digital SLR, and I can't afford both. Since i have a working laptop, i think i'll just wait a little longer. Plus there's a great deal on Canon's digital rebel that's running until Jan 1st, so I have some time to swing a REALLY good deal on that if I'm patient.
We'll see.

Oh, and I need to brew beer next weekend.
Crap, that's when meg's parents are here.
guess I'll do it later that week.
MMmmmm. Vanilla cardamom christmas red ale.

Life is going, I'm comfortable here in boston, and things are going ok.

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