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had a good weekend if you ignore the slight achy/tender sickness. little cold/flu thing that's currently hitting the meg much harder than it hit me, as illnesses always seem to. My scalp's still a little tender, and I have the sniffles, but other than that I'm mostly better now.

Meg's parents were up this weekend, was good to hang out with them. I think this was the first time they ever more-or-less relaxed around me. At their place I always feel kind of like an intruder when I stay with them. Not that they don't like me, or mind me being there, just that I'm severely throwing off their normal routines. It was good to have them in our space instead, so that they were already out of their element and could just roll with whatever came up. It went well, I think we all enjoyed the weekend.

Saturday: Belgian Beer festival, thrown by beeradvocate.com.
It was awesome. My favoritest beers in the world, all in one place! I tried a bunch I'd never had before, and we all got slightly tipsy. Sadly, one that I really wanted to try was for people with 'connisouer passes,' so fuck them. =P
Then we had Ethiopian food for late lunch/early dinner. Haven't had that since moving to Boston, was very good.

Sunday morning we went to Johnny D's for brunch. WICKED good food, passable live jazz, good atmosphere. fun place, definitely added to our brunch rotation. They have live music every night, and I got a schedule, so maybe we'll actually get over there now and then for some groovin.

Sunday afternoon we wandered around the downtown crossing area, went shopping a bit. I got me a winter hat with ear flaps, BRING IT ON BOSTON WINTER! I'm ready for ya! mwuhahahaha!
Then we swung by the brewing store on the way home and I got stuff to make my Winter Solstice Red Ale. It'll add a new technique or two to my brewing skillset, as well as being by first Red beer. It's also the first one that I've fidgeted with the recipe for, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. ^_^
Made tasty manchego and fennel mac&cheese, mmmm tasty. I just had some for lunch too.

The plan for this week: put up beer to ferment.
I think that's about it.

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