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Door knocking SUCCESSFUL!
Woodworking space aquisition, unSUCCESSFUL!

So there's this great looking woodworking studio right down the street from my house, there's rarely anyone in there, and I've been working up the nerve to knock on the door the next time I saw someone there, and ask if it's a joint space or just one guy.
Turns out, it's just one guy. The whole building (17 units) is studio/living space, which originally he and 16 of his friends went in on buying. They bought the whole building for a decent price about 12 years ago, and through attrition (and property values skyrocketing) there's only like 3-5 artists left in there. the rest are living studios now.
Really nice guy, very happy to chat with a random stranger knocking on his studio door. But no working space for me.
*le sigh*

Ah well. he gave me a couple of potential leads on people to talk to, so I'll check them out and see if I can't find a place to chop up dead trees into differently pretty things.

Another Megless evening, she's been busy this week. I just wish I knew if she was going to be home for dinner so I knew if I could eat or not. If I remember her schedule correctly, I should be able to call her about now and not interupt anything.
off to try.

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