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Bostonians are a cold bunch.
In the ~3 months that I've been here, and commuting to my job, i have walked by innumerable people on the street. I have given at least a small smile and/or friendly nod to probably %75 of them, if not more. It's just who I am. I'm a friendly fucker.

I have received recognition of my existance precisely twice.
one person smiled back and looked quickly away.
The other person, an older man cleaning the street, actually said "good morning" and gave me a fairly genuine smile. I didn't know how to respond, I was that out of practice. I managed to fumble something off my tounge, like a small furry ball of noise. He smiled, and went back to sweeping.

What is it with this city? Is it just the northeast in general? Even Philly was better than this, people would smile and say hi, good morning, or whatever. Hell, even the people in the same building as us here (all 3 other apartments) will scarcely spare me a 'hello' if we meet on the stairs.
Crotchety nor'easters.
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