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My co-intern, who is a rising senior CS major, doesn't know a single DOS command. This would be forgivable if it weren't for the fact that he doens't know a single UNIX command either. Apparently he's been using Windows for all his computing needs. And this would also be forgivable if he knew windows inside and out. But he doesn't even know the word "Registry." He doesn't know how to back things up to a disk. He's making me sick. And he's getting paid more than me why? Because he's a CS major.
Bullshit I say! Why'd he need me to explain the concept of a "for loop" to him yesterday? Why does he not know what a BIOS is? And why does he pay twice as much for brand name computers with shitty components? Because he's clueless. *sigh*

He decided that he needed a laptop last week, because the 'CS major' DOESN'T OWN A COMPUTER AND HASN'T FOR A YEAR! So he asks me my opinion. I pop on pricewatch and quote him $1253 for a P3 1GHZ lappie with win2k. What's he do? Decides that since it's a brand he doesn't know (it's a small company who make their own) he's going to go to HP and buy one from them. He pays $2400 for a Celeron 850 and a shitty 4MB vid card instead. It came with WinME. 'Nuf said.
Maybe he just has too much money in his life.

Maybe I shouldn't be so critical.
Am I too harsh?
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