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Survey time! (sorry... more for me than you)


Age I am - 21

People I have slept with - 1 or 2 depending on how you count it.

Age when I lost my virginity - 17 or 18, forget which.

Times I have been in love - Once

Times I have had my heart broken - Once

Hearts I have broken - Don't really know of any. Maybe one in 7th grade. ;o)

Months I have been single - I'm not single! therefore:

Months I have been attached - about 33. (Going on 3 years. yay!)

Continents I have visited - 2 (and it wasn't europe)

Age when I first flew all alone - 12 or so...

Numbers of boys I have kissed in my life - None, sorry. :o(

Number of girls I have kissed - Lessee... 5.

Number of grades I got at school that were less than A - high school? probably about 5-10. College? Um, significantly higher number. :o/

Number of things that would technically be classed as suicide attempts but actually weren't - None. I don't go in for that kinda thing.

Types of drugs taken illegally - Only ever done pot. And a lil underage drinking, but who's counting that!

Drugs I am addicted to right now - None, cept maybe caffiene. *sigh*

Number of people I would classify as true, I could trust with my life type friends - 1. *hugs the girl* 2, maybe 3 slightly lesser ones.

Number of people from university that I will stay in contact with - Herm... I'd hope that there's at least 5. We'll see in about a year.

Number of people from my hall at university that I have snogged - Snogged? Damn brits can't spell... That'd be a big fat 0.

Number of piercings - 0 at the moment

Number of tattoos - 0 for the moment

Number of times my name has appeared on film credits - None that I know of.

Age when first paid for writing - well, I got paid for writing HTML. age 20.

Number of scars on my body - Goddamn! Way too many to count. Major ones include a 7 incher on my knee from having broken my leg (9th grade, playing lacrosse) and 3 small ones around it for arthroscopic surgery, a 1.5 incher on my left shoulder from having a cyst removed, small one on my thigh where I accidentaly hacked myself with a rather large machaete around age 12, and I guess that's the major ones.

Number of times I have feared for my safety whilst walking around [insert nearest major city] - Philly, and... once I was paranoid about some guy following me a few blocks back. heh.

Number of times a boyfriend has made me scared of what he could do to me physically - erm, no boyfriends in my past or present. If there were, the answer would be 0 cause there's no way I'd date someone like that.

Number of things in my past that I regret, and still haunt my nightmares - I can't really think of any. I tend not to dwell on the past.
Sorry about that folks, just looked likea funish one. :o)

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