... in a handbasket (inahandbasket) wrote,
... in a handbasket

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Oh god, I'm getting a bahston accent. please shoot me.
Someone just asked me about something and I said "Yeah, Maahk has it."

It's got a fucking ARRR.


The Curtlepino is rolling homewards for the holidays.
I miss her already. >_<


my dad's looking for a new (used) car. He just sent me this e-mail:
How about a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP?

Mmmm, yeah. maybe. if it wasn't one of the ugliest cars ever produced...
Any closet car-guys out there? I'm having trouble recomending anything sporty but with trunk-space for about $10k
He really wants a WRX wagon, but they're too pricy still.
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