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wow. filtered down to real humans, I still had to skip 180 entries.
glad everyone had a good xmas!

I'm home (boston) again, walked into a really cold apartment yesterday and spent the evening unpacking, heating up the apartment, finding food, and generally setting affairs back in order. Apartment was still cold when I went to bed last night, was finally warm this morning. (Not that it made me want to drag my ass out of bed and go to work... blah.)

The beer prosicated brewed should be ready to bottle now, i'm excited to see how it comes out. She'll be home tonight, friends coming in tomorrow, so I don't know when we'll get around to bottling it. it may have to sit there awhile longer. Maybe we should stick it in the glass carboy at least... we'll see.

So National Geographic randomly appeared in my mailbox. I called my parents about it and mom said "All will become clear tomorrow, just be patient." I'm seriously confused.
I love National Geographic. It's the only magazine thing that I've read consistently my entire life. I'm not sure that there's been an issue in the past 15 years that I haven't read. My parents get it, my grandfather (who died most recently) got it (and had back issues from the 50s), so I guess you could say it's something of a family tradition. And no one ever pays for their own subscription, it's usually a recurring xmas or birthday present. It would appear that I've been pulled into the cycle, and I'm really curious as to where it came from. It's now tomorrow, and nothing is becoming clearer. *grump* Patience isn't one of my strong suits. Long attention span, but not patience. Subtle distinction.

One of my favorite presents at this point is a video game (who's shocked?) called Katamari Damacy. It's exquisite.
penny-arcade comic on the subject
review (of a sort)
You're the prince of the cosmos, your dad (lord of the cosmos) accidentally destroyed all the stars. You have to take this sticky ball and roll it around earth, getting it bigger and bigger with stuff, so that dad can make it into a new star.
It's fun, trust me. ^_^

Prosicated and I haven't had our christmas yet, but she already knows what her present is. I'm dragging her to this little place I've heard of called Maui. She'll hate the entire trip, but she's being a good sport about it at least. I'm really looking forward to getting to see her again, I'm not good at this away from eachother thing. I don't know how you long-distance people do it, I'd go mad. I'm seriously jonesing for a hug.

Anyway, enough for the general update post. I need to write about christmas lacking grandparents. on to the next post. *edit* but first, lunch.*

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