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All my life (well, since I first knew about it) I have classified people via the D&D alignment table.

So the alignment table goes like this.
Chaotic GoodNeutral GoodLawful Good
Chaotic NeutralTrue NeutralLawful Neutral
Chaotic EvilNeutral EvilLawful Evil

There are two axis, Chaotic/Lawful and Good/Evil.
Chaotic means you do random shit with no regard for law/order. Lawful means you follow the laws and rules.
Good means you strive to do good as you see it, Evil means that you strive to, well, be evil, hurt people, steal, etc.

Chaotic good is someone who always tries to do the right thing, but may be completely off their rocker, or just has no respect for laws, rules, social norms.
Lawful Good is the do-gooder who always toes the line and helps old ladies cross the street.
Chaotic Evil is someone who just runs around breaking shit.
Lawful Evil is someone who respects rules and such, but twists them to his/her own will, and the detriment of others whenever possible.
The Neutrals are obviously the gray inbetweens.
Neutral Evil is someone who will break laws when they can get away with it, but otherwise tries to follow them while being evil.
Neutral good is someone who does good and doesn't let laws get in their way.

The most interesting in my opinion are the Chaotic neutral, True neutral, and Lawful neutral. These alignments strive to maintain the balance of good and evil. without darkness there cannot be light, without good there cannot be evil. Yes, pain sucks, but you gotta cope now and then to appreciate the good times. I've always seen myself as a neutral leaning towards good.

Now telling someone where you think they fit on this table is generally a bad idea, because what they see themselves as may not be the same as what they come across as, and can result in screaming and slapping. but if you're curious what I think about you, leave a comment and I'll let you know.

here's a meme if you're interested. It places me as True Neutral, which I feel is accurate.

You scored as True Neutral. A True Neutral person has two faces- either these people are merely apathetic, preferring to focus their minds on more important things, or these people truly believe in a balance of all things. To these people, there can be no light without some darkness. These people also have no dedication to, or intrinsic distrust of, laws.


Chaotic Good


True Neutral


Neutral Evil


Neutral Good


Lawful Good


Chaotic Evil


Chaotic Neutral


Lawful Evil


Lawful Neutral


What is your Alignment?
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