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Your connection to the characters you create in computer games. -prosicated

Ok, so maybe none is a slightly strong word.
Very little.
When I'm playing a game, it's a very immersive thing. I'm in the game, but not "as the character." I don't develop little backstories in my head for where my character was born, what their favorite food is, and when/how they lost their virginity. I'm just playing a game. This is why I can never really get into pen-paper role-playing, I just don't get a big kick out of pretending to be someone else in a game situation.
I love acting on stage, it's great to play off an audience. It's just not something that I like to do when playing games. I guess I associate it too strongly with those kinda freaky kids in elementry school who just had nothing holding them in reality, and went off across the playground riding their dragon, and got really insulted if you pointed out that it was a stick. "No! It's a dwagin!"
Uh, ok. whatever kid.

That said, my characters very much reflect me.
I tend to use my oldest handle for most of my gaming: klocwerk. It's the name of my characters in games a large percentage of the time. Since I don't really roleplay the characters so much, they also tend to be like me. Eg: my World of Warcraft character at the moment is named Klocwerk, he's an arcane Warlock who runs around threatening to eat people's souls, and he is an engineer (meaning he makes gizmos and gadgets that work 1/2 the time and explode the other 1/2 of the time). Me, I'm an arcane geek who runs around threatening to eat cat's souls, and tinkering with anything I can get my hands on. see what I'm saying?

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