... in a handbasket (inahandbasket) wrote,
... in a handbasket

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+ alive.
+ Had a great time in Maui.
+ got some decent pictures (will be posting them for the next few days).
- didn't get as many good pictures as I wanted...
+ was too busy enjoying myself.
- back in the snow of Boston.
- forgot my digital musical device today.
+ read really good book last night / this morning.
+ read good book on way to Maui.

"As She Climbed Across the Table," by Jonathan Lethem.
Great book, fairly quick read. I'm really liking most of Lethem's writing.

"The Anubis Gates," by Tim Powers.
People kept telling me to pick up some Tim Powers, and I'm glad I finally did. Anubis Gates is a really good book, which takes ye olde time-traveling thing but does it really well. Good writing, solid plot, leaves you wanting more.
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