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so I'm seriously considering getting a tattoo.
(mom, if you're reading this, it's oooooo kay... deep breaths.)

I'm considering the Glider.

It's got the geekly, it's got the simple aesthetic, and I like it.

Other possiblities are:
A diagram of the Golden Ratio (too many thin straight lines, would change shape and look like crap if I gain/lose much weight)
A fractal, probably a Mandlebrot set (marginally personally meaningful, really fucking pretty, downside: it would have to be larger to be neato)
Something from a sci-fi novel that I like, lots of material there (Niven or Brin probably)
Caffiene molecule/diagram (overdone)
Barcode (waaaay overdone, but I had the idea first when I was like 10. so there.)
Something from Astronomy (Pulsar diagram, galactic spiral, etc.)
Something comic-y (Dr. Manhattan's tattoo (aka Hydrogen molecule *edit*atom*/edit*))

But I'm open for opinions.
Give me a geekly idea. (no video games, prosicated would leave me and that would suck.)
As you can see from above, I'm thinking relatively small, somewhat abstract, and geeky/nerdy.

If I actually use your idea, I will send you something really cool.
A framed print, that rare book you've been lusting for, etc.

Comment away! Links to pics would be good too, or sketch it quick *cough*oceanic*cough* and e-mail it to me.
tattoo at cybertrash dot net

And feel free to pass it on to friends to send me ideas, the more the merrier.
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