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Video game violence.
A subject I try to skirt around. because let's face it, I'm a gamer. I willfully participate in these violent apparitions of modern technology, so I'm a little biased. (just a tad.)
But still, the constant instance by the media, lawyers, and victims parents that "video games made my child a killer!", really fucking pisses me off.
Know what made him a killer? your shitty-ass neglectful parenting.

Welcome to the concept of personal responsibility, where you don't go looking for someone to sue whenever something bad happens.

Ok, video game violence is over the top. I agree.
but this fucker should be blown up with a few good rocket launcher rounds. (irony fully intended.)

Do you think the interactivity of game violence makes it different than violence on television, which is passive?
Of course, as you actually grow neural pathways called dendrites that enable you to perform more easily the physical acts of violence.

uh, wow. way to COMPLETELY twist science to fit your agenda.
So Mr. Jack Thompson, are these "dendrites that enable you to perform more easily the physical acts of violence" a type of muscle, or are they sharp bony protrusions? Perhaps frickin lasers growing out of our heads?

Let's see what other pain is in there shall we?

The federal government found that in the school year 2003, there were 48 school killings. The year before that there were 16, and the year before that 17. Something is going on. I submit that the video game generation is coming of age.
/me waves...
Hello mr. scummy lawyer man, I'm the video game generation. As is the 30 year old friend of mine who grew up playing atari 2600's. Guess what! We're perfectly well adjusted people! In fact, we're far more well adjusted than most of the (excuse my stereotyping) public school jocks who are now having kids with their bleached blonde wives, and not paying attention to the games their kids are playing!
These kids are the tail end of the video game generation, and their parents were either on the crest of it, or just before the wave hit. And you know what? the kids are playing games WITH LABELS ON THEM SAYING "NOT FOR KIDS."
The video game industry knows it's audience. The majority of video game consumers are in the 18-35 male demographic, and as such the games that are made and are popular are games that appeal to that demographic. The big-name games aren't made for 8-14 year olds, and they're demarkated CLEARLY as games for a mature audience. Would you take a kid to a snuff film? no? then why buy him/her a copy of Manhunt? or Hitman?

*searches further in the article*

Oh, look at that! He may be a scummy lawyer, but at least he's willing to admit what the problem is.
Are parents paying attention to what their kids play?

DAMN STRAIGHT they're not. There's a rating system on these games for a reason.

Oh, here's a nice quote.
You see, the industry is selling these games to kids whose parents are reckless. How is that [Columbine victim parent]'s fault? We need to punish the industry and the parents who are putting innocent people in harm's way.

Oh, so close Jack.
The correct answer was: "the blame rests solely with the screwed up kids who flipped out and killed people, and their parents for not being more involved in their children's lives."
Thanks for playing, better luck next time.
In fact if you need to assign blame to someone sue-able, there's a far easier company to blame for columbine:
According to the manufacturer, Solvay, 4% of children and youth taking Luvox developed mania during short-term controlled clinical trials. Mania is a psychosis which can produce bizarre, grandiose, highly elaborated destructive plans, including mass murder.

Yes. One of the shooters was taking a psychiatric drug known to "produce manic psychoses, aggression, and other behavioral abnormalities."

Western children today are (by and large) raised by their televisions and video games. What you get out the other end of the process, is a child who has no sense of perspective, no respect for anyone/anything, and rolemodels of violence.

(wow that got long, please leave a comment with thoughts if you got through the whole thing.)
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