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I just had 2 terrabytes of data dropped on my fingernail. (middle finger, right hand.)
That hurt like a biotch.

Anyway. Life continues.
The prosicated and I met the justamy this past weekend. They were eachother's first LJ friends, way back when LJ first launched, and had never met in person. Amy came to Boston for a conference, so we got together and had tasty foodstuffs on friday and saturday nights.
Friday, good little Irish Pub right near my office that I'd never been to. Great food, good atmosphere, a small beer selection to be expected. (Irish and their freakish Guinness obsession... it's a blah beer! deal with it!) Was very tasty though.
Saturday, Ethiopian/Eritrean in Central Square. Been there before, was quite good as expected. Got some kind of marinated raw beef, which was surprisingly tasty.

Amy's one of the few LJ people that I've met in real life after knowing on LJ. The others being corvus, axessdenyd, bunnyroo, bobservations, komos, cosmicserpent, pieboy and squirrella, and a few Philly people who I've run into, but I wouldn't say really "met."
(hmm, that list is a LOT longer than I expected it to be. wow.)

The whole 'meeting someone you know intellectually' is a very interesting process, and one I'd suggest you try if you haven't. All preconcieved notions of the person get thrown out the window on first contact, even if you've seen pictures. Every time I've met someone from online in person I'm doubly amazed that people fall in love online and manage to make it work offline, not because I like people less in person, but because the image you get online is so rarely the same as the one you get in person.

I had more to say on that, but my brain just shut off. more later maybe.
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