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Go status update

So I've been playing some Go against my computer today, I can beat it on it's easiest (1 of 5) setting about %50-%75 of the time. I haven't beaten it yet on the second easiest. heh.

Learning a lot about it though. Meg's started playing with me a little bit, she's got less time to read than I do though, so she hasn't had a chance to read the two books i picked up about it. (Learning to play Go, Vol I-II.) GREAT books to te4ach you the basics by the way. It's a whole series that theoretically will teach you all the way through the 20 beginners rankings of Go players.
The first two books are designed to get you from 20 kyu (newbie rank) to 12 kyu (better than newbie). The rankings go to 1 kyu, then you go to pro ranks: 1 dan through 9 dan.

and I'm sure that this was a very interesting post for you all. ^_^

(P.S. I've started to use subjects on my entries, aren't you happy!?!?!?!)
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