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Oh, my father asked me to pass this on to everyone I could, so here you go.

Hi Ry check out this link
I'll call you about it tomorrow

basically it's calling your congressman to complain about the so called "Nuclear option"

What is the "nuclear option"?
It's what the Republicans call a parliamentary trick they are threatening to use to eliminate the right to use a "filibuster" to block judicial nominations.

Why is this important?
Lots of reasons. if you know anything about american politics, you should understand the important role the filibuster has played in many situations, usually in defense of civil rights. (Hell, Republicans have used it effectively too.) It forces the people trying to pass a bill to have a 2/3 majority, and not simply a majority. As such, it's usually used by the minority party in the Senate.

Thought you should know, and now I've fulfilled my paternal filial obligations. ^_^

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