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Hello all!
Long time no posts...
Currently have about 120 posts to catch up on, i've just been taking an LJ sebatical I guess you could say.
Things are going ok, not much to report on.
I just posted this in smileywageslave's journal. Thought I'd post it in mine too as it's something I've thought a lot about.
Written stream-of-consciousness style, so deal with it. ;o)
Comments greatly appreciated, looking forward to catching up with you all.

What I wanted to comment on is this whole thing with male anger always being percieved as violent. As you said, you've only ever hit someone once, and he was an asshole guy. Yet your wife (currently still married, yes?) was cowering from you as if you would hit her.
There seems to be some kind of social conditioning in the US, most likely other countries as well, which makes us believe that men get violent when angry. Personally I'm more scared of her when she's angry than I would be of any of my male friends, but I grew up without a television so perhaps I'm not representative of the population at large...

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