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Man, I was freakin timing this tea I was steeping, and I plum forgot about it.
2-3 minutes? try 12 minutes.
man, that was some good tea too, now it's just bitter brown liquid. but I'll drink it anyway, and pretend it's as good as it could have been.
*le sigh*

This has NOT been a good morning.


So last night I needed to get out of the house, so we went to Christophers for dinner. Hadn't been in some time, and it made sense. was tasty. came back to the apartment and fell asleep almost instantly.

This morning I had trouble dragging my ass out of bed, didn't get a shower because I took too long getting up, and the girl and I were snappy at eachother for no apparent reason on either of our parts (that I know of).
trudged in to work, tried to be excited that I'm almost out of here, but it just wasn't working today. Got bitched at by a caller for something that was, in fact, my fault for once. Forgot to scan the tapes before the guy showed up to take them so I had to make him wait, and then I burned my tea.

Now I have to hop on the subway at lunch to meet a friend for lunch (good thing, but a hassle) and obtain a sandwich beforehand, chill with him for a bit, then hop a subway back to work, kill 3 more hours around here (I forgot my SQL book today so I don't know what I'll do with my time), then finally get to go home, where we're scheduled to do laundry tonight.

I just want to curl up in bed and start this day over.

my tea, does in fact taste remarkably like cardboard. *grump*

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