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Hmm. To post this friends-only, or leave it open...?
meh. I'll leave it open. If they want me to write for them, they should know where I'm coming from with it.

So sort of on a whim recently, I submitted an application to write a digital photography blog to Weblogsinc.com. They're the people who run Engadget.com, as well as a number of other sucessful consumer blogs out there.

I submitted a brief life history (as relates to technophilia, photographilia, college education, and intarweb addiction), and figured if I heard back from them saying "sounds good, but you're not as obsessive as we were hoping for, and we got 9 ga-jillion applicants" then I'd just be happy and go on with my life.

I just got an e-mail back, and they asked me to submit some example posts that I'd put up if they tapped me to write for said digi-photo-blog. I can't tell if they just wanted a complete image and have a million people they're trying to compare on an even playing field, or if they really liked what I had to say and wanted to find out more about me and whether I'm the man for the blog.

They also asked if I could do 125 posts a month.

Now I'm sure I could blather on for 125 posts a month, but the question is if I can do 125 lucid posts per/month (or about 4 a day) on new developments in the field of digital photography?

I think I could. I mean, reading engadget.com obsessively all day long, I basically see a post about every new mp3 player, cell phone, toy, gizmo, etc. that hits the market, or is rumored to be hitting the market. If I were just to relay the latest info on the newest cameras and such, I could probably manage to average 4 posts a day.

The other thing is that I don't know if this is a paid position or not, etc. After all, I do have a full time job to deal with, of which I'm starting a new one on friday. Hmm. Sure can't hurt to ask them for more info on it I suppose.
At worst they'll tell me to buzz off, and I'm where I was this morning.

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