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caught up, only took me about an hour and a half.
waiting around at work today, I have to be in on a conference call at 4:00. Sucks, cause I'm usually leaving the building at that time.
At least I'll get to leave early tomorrow. yay!
Frisbee this summer is going well, we have a fun team and things are... fun. :o)
Friend of mine from loooooooong ago called me the other day, I'll call her back this afternoon once I fight the traffic home.
Other old friend, Jeremy, best friend for 2 years in high school, is in England with his step sister until august 10th, I'd wanted to see him some this summer, but it didn't work before he left, have to wait till he gets back now. *sigh*
aannnddd.... yeah. Lunch time.
hafta pee first though.

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