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The ongoing saga of the roasted winxp installation:

Ran out to microcenter and got a USB2.0 3.5" external case (that happened to come with a 160gb hard drive, so I upgraded mine in the process), came home and popped my drive in there. Plugged 'er in to my ibook, and pulled all the data off.

Then put the new drive in my desktop, installed XP on it (going dual boot with Linux, but XP needs to go on first or it throws a shit-fit), did the millions of updates (6 reboots worth of updates?? you're kidding me...) that windows needs to run smoothly, while I downloaded and burned Fedora Core3 with my iBook.

Which is where I'm at now.
being at work, i can't do much more. ;o)

and today's my last day at this job! yay! can't wait to start zie new one tomorrow.

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