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so I haven't bought any toys in awhile.
that I can remember.
anyway, I just found what seems like a REALLY good deal.
Here's a typical review of this product: http://www.tnt-audio.com/ampli/t-amp_e.html

Ok, so it's an audio amp, that costs $19 and outperforms every sub-$1000 amp out there.
I know, BOOOORING to all you non-audiophiles out there.

My stereo system is in shambles, and needs to be put back together. basically at the moment I have my sweet speakers that I built in 8th grade, and that's it. They're being driven by Meg's cheap Aiwa bookshelf stereo, so you could say that our stereo system has room for improvement.
I can't wait for this thing to show up so I can play with it. I'm expecting greatness.
If anyone's interested, search ecost.com for "t-amp", it should be the only search result.
Buy two and the shipping's free!

ok, so I got two: one to hook up and one to hack and improve

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