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bandaged__iris found my journal on a Random search the other day, and left me the following comment:
Hey there :) Found you with random search nice to see so many "Cheerful" entries. Aint enough of that on LJ :)

Yeah, I guess I have been relatively cheerful lately.

Life is going pretty well, new job is going well (more or less), I've adjusted to Boston/Cambridge, and I've got a few projects in the pipeline to keep my hands busy.
The prosicated isn't having an easy time of the end of the semester, but we'll pull through it. She's almost done for the summer, and she's going to get some Nora-time next week which is always good for the soul. Now we just need to keep fingers crossed for a summer job to pull through for her, and we're set until the fall. (more or less.)

Had a fucking shitty commute this morning, nearly cursed out some stupid 50ish woman who was being a complete fish.

I bought 2 sketchbooks and some drawing supplies, I'm keeping one at work and one at home, so I'm going to try to get myself to start drawing again. oceanic has inspired me to try to pick it up again.

Missed Eilis's trip through Boston this weekend (sorry!), but did meet up with the Badgers for Passover. (It was like going back to my childhood. My best friend growing up was half-Jewish and had half-assed passovers and such, so it was slightly familliar but new at the same time.)

Rereading Transmetropolitan, starting in on Wolves of the Calla, just cracked open Alton Brown's I'm Just Here for the Food, and a few other readings materials are on my radar.

There's a Honey Wheat beer in secondary in my closet, the primary fermentation was very sulphuric, so hopefully it mellows out some in the secondary. *crosses fingers fervently*

My new stereo amp(s) should be arriving here today, looking forward to noodling with them.
And life continues...

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