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Ok, slightly weird.
But you know, I never ask much of you people. so here goes.

A good friend of my sister is in the running for Miss Spam Hawaii.
(spam's big over there for some reason...)

Be a good LJ buddy and help out by voting for her.

Mahalo to everyone who voted, who made their friends, family, and I believe in one
case, a dog vote too. Mahalos for sending out mass emails to get people to vote as
well. I'm even getting emails to vote for me!!!Voting continues until Friday April
29th, the Hormel people said they "encourage' people to only vote once, but you can
take that any way you want!! Some people are having trouble finding the link, so
below are easy directions to vote. Mahalo again. a hui hou bess

Go to http://www.kccnfm100.com or http://www.hawaiian105.com
On their homepages, CLICK on CONTESTS in the column on the LEFT
A SPAM can will appear
CLICK on DETAILS below the can
Voting page and entries appear! (I'm contestant # 1)

Bessie Kuuipo King

Direct link:

So yeah, do my sister a favor and vote for spam!
Vegitarians allowed too.
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