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When Meg goes out of town I can never sleep the first night.
was up until 2:45am.

Put a new 9v in my bc rich wave bass, and discovered that yes, there is something more seriously wrong with the electronics than just a loose jack.
bah. I love my bass, but I keep wanting to play a fretless. Went to the two guitar stores nearby, they only had one fretless between the two of them, and it was a crappy mexi-fender for $425. The neck is nice but the body sucks, and I don't have $425 to blow on a bass to noodle with right now anyway.
There's a company selling fretlesses on ebay (5strings no less) for $150-200 shipped, so I'm debating ordering one of them. It'd keep my fingers busy at a price I can afford.
At the same time, I'M NOT PLAYING MUSIC WITH ANYONE! why the hell am I insisting on wasting money on another bass?

You see what I have to work with here in this brain?

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