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did I scare ya?
oh. poop.

Well, I had a good weekend playing frisbee on the beach. We didn't win the tournament, but we had fun. I now have a small ring of sunburn right under my collar because I changed shirts after putting on sunscreen. (you'd think I would learn after the 4th time I've done that... once I went from a normal tee to a V-neck, so I had this little pink triangle right above my sternum. *snort*)
It's itchy and gets rubbed by my collared shirt that I must wear for work, but it'll be gone tomorrow or wednesday. Pain is temporary. Most of the time.
It's almost lunch time here, and not a minute too soon.

Oh, I got complaints that I haven't bitched about the stupid co-intern lately. I've sort of gotten used to him. I know what to expect and what not to expect, so I no longer get surprised and pissed off when he asks me how to change things in his start menu. I just quietly beat my head against the ironicly padded walls of my cubicle and tell him to right-click on the menu bar somewhere. "Oh yeah, I knew that..."
Yeah, i know that you knew. I told you yesterday.

Nothing really to report. I'm back, I'm alive, and yeah. It's lunch time in 7 minutes...
I know that by counting the time between my contractions.
Err, belly rumbles I meant.

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