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Day 1:
Kittens arrive! They're just as cute as we remember.
Shelter people are very cool, send them home with some homebrews to try.
Kittens are VERY shy, we manage to get them on the couch for some pettings before we crash for the night.
Kittens distain the litterbox overnight, prefering to shit 'n piss in the freshly potted Basil tray and the thyme seedlings.
Plants are none too happy with the situation, and there's dirt everywhere as a result of katzen diggings.
Kittens still cute.
They ate their wet food we left them, and drank some water, so they should be ok intake-wise.
Manage to coax them out from behind the sofa for some AM quality time.
Head to work, hope the house is in one piece when we return this afternoon.

Currently sistercat and brothercat (respectively).
Obviously sistercat's the technophile, chillin with the VoIP box and the WIFI router.
Brothercat's the literary one in the family, squatting on a copy of Sandman and browsing my beer books.

Names aren't coming as quickly as we'd hoped.

Rather, good names aren't coming quickly.
So far we've nixed Java & Perl, Script & Cursive, Oatmeal and Brancusi, and a few others.

anyway, work just picked up big time. off to do it!
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