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For the past two days, I've been rebuilding servers and doing some serious software installs. I'm FINALLY doing something interesting around here! it's only been what, 2.5 months? grrr..
But yeah. Not that anything I've been doing this week is all that hard, but at least I can put my hands on some stuff. I'm not just shuffling notes databases around and checking their creation dates. That was a hoot. whooo....
Got to pull out the RAM boards on a few old pentium Pro servers. There are 16 SIMMs which make up 512 MB RAM on these things, all arranged in two rows of double sided chips. I should go get my camera from upstairs, they're a sight to behold. especially considering that you can put that much ram on one double-sided DIMM these days. heh. Ok, I'll go get my camera. Can't post it up for a few days though, as there's no smartcard readers around the office and mine's at home. ;o)
Installing MS Exchange server on NT right now, takes FOREVER to load and replicate with the old servers. So I have some time to update again.
Had a lot of fun playing ultimate on the beach this weekend, so that was good. My legs were so sore... feet still a little sore but it's pretty much gone by now, which is a good thing. :o)
So yeah. The guy I'm working with says he'll need me for the next like week and a half, which should get me out of a lot of irritating crap that I was supposed to be doing during this time. yay!
Prosicated and I have a lovely evening in philly planned tonight. Going to a restaurant called Marakesh for dinner, and possibly going to a movie after that, depending on what's playing where, and whether it's worth seeing. (any recommendations from you all out there would be nice. Only thing we've seen in a long time was shrek. *grin*) That should be happy. I'm picking her up at the art museum after work.
In other news, I'm getting hungry. :o)

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