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So I came up with a meme, based on a conversation with agoodshinkickin in my last post.

"What are some names that you almost had?
Pick your favorite (or two) and reimagine your life (briefly) with that name."

If I were a girl I would have been Brie. (Instead I end up with a bread. I think my parents were hungry.)
My dad lobbied hard for Gizmo. (oh how I wish he'd won that argument...)

Gizmo was born, April 7th 1980, to his parents who will not be named herein.
He lead a relatively normal childhood, interspersed with a few moments of oddness.
His classmates at preschool both liked his name, and teased him for it occasionally.
Then Gremlins came out, and the poor little Gizmo had to put up with a few years of being associated with the small cute furry Gizmo from the movie, and by association, the nasty green monsters. This gave our hero a few mental nicks and scrapes, to prep him a little better for the horrors of the outside world.
Gizmo had an electronics kit which was a christmas present. He made transistor radios, doorbells, and buzzy things constantly, and was always taking apart any electronic or electrical device which failed in the house. His closet in his room was filled with bits and pieces scavenged from various units.
In middle school, he took to computers like, well, anyone named Gizmo should. He taught himself programing, and knew how to disassemble and reassemble a computer blindfolded.
High school rolled around, and Gizmo was getting very frustrated with the anti-electronics bent of his artsy school, so he got his parents to agree to let him go to a nearby private school which had a small computer lab and a teacher who would encourage his electronics pursuits. He started a band with some friends, and with the help of the internet created a small following for his bizzare breed of electronica, which was an amalgamation of british rave and very eclectic electronic/industrial noise.
He applied to, and got accepted to, Drexel's Computer Engineering department, where he locked himself into the lab for days on end, and graduated with honors. Weekends were spent creating robots and bizzare contraptions to make odd music. He also met this really cool girl from Bryn Mawr through his friend Angus's on-and-off girlfriend.
Gizmo got out of college, accepted a job with Sun Microsystems, and moved to Boston, where he bought a nice house with a basement and garage to tinker in.

the end.

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