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I bes sore.
Frisbee started yesterday, and as predicted it was all running. Let me tell you, running 4 miles, plus a hlaf mile of sprints, isn't a good idea after 3 months of winter-sluggishness.
owie the body is hateing me.
I just reinstated contact with an old friend of mine from high school. He was 2 years younger than me, so he graduated... let me see, almost a year ago now. He's been working random manual labor jobs and hateing them. Big surprise there. He's giving college a good second thought. Seems like he'll do it, but he's gotta get on the ball with it. I need to start reminding him about it frequently.
He's also starting a newsletter of his random thoughts which I told him to start sending to me and the girl. (Girl, if you object, just e-mail him back and say so, but he's taking his cue from spasticyak, so all should be good.)
So life is going well for me.
in other news I updated my band's webpage. woot! go to my webpage and add /bc to the end of it. I could link it here, but that'd just be too easy for you all. Mwuhahahahaha!
Oh, it's been brought to my attention that many of you out there don't know my real name.
It's Ralph.
I'm a wonder Llama.
Think I'll string you all along a few days longer...
of course you could figure it out yourself if you're clever.
but hey.

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