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oh my goodness.
Tech geekerie is coming out my ears.

Firstly, the Cowon / iAudio MP3 player I've been waiting for (for months and months) finally launched.
Not only did it launch, but it plays video (color screen) as well as MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA, etc.
And for the same price (retail) as the ipods.
with video.
and live copying of data from other USB devices, like cameras.
Oh, and it looks cooler too.
How I do indeed want one. But I must wait, monies are not free.

Secondly, a piece of free software that blows my mind. I'm totally setting this up ASAP.

GEEKS TAKE NOTE! krues8dr, nata5, busytoby, and anyone else with multiple systems laying around, I'm lookin at you.

This amazing chunk of software emulates a Keyboard/Mouse across multiple computers, as ONE EXTENDED DESKTOP.
IE: Two winxp boxes, two monitors. You slide the mouse off the side of one, it goes to the other.

Also supports any mix of Windows, Linux, and OSX(mostly)

Also you can copy/paste across computers with different OSes.

Damned straight.

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