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Hello world!
Last night the girl and I went to Monks for dinner, and it was good.
Mmm.. tasty fries.... and good beer... mmmm....
*wipes drool off keyboard*
yeah. Tasty.
I get a haircut tonight! yay! No more shaggy mop for me!
I'll post before and after photos soon.
At the end of the current job I'm going to do somehting I've been wanting to do since the spring. I hate that you shouldn't go to job interviews with bright red hair. *pout* Then I got the job and realized that it wouldn't be appreciated once I worked there either. So I waited.
Geting impatient! Wants to not be looked down upon by every "cooler" looking person on the street!
Petty of me really, but when it comes down to it I'm a lot more shallow than i like to think. ;o)
Anyway, yeah. I get a haircut, the rat gets a clean cage tonight, and I'll be home for the second night since last thursday. Not that home is that great, but it's where all my shit is at least. *grin*
Oh Kay. back to work.
Photos tonight.

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