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So for Meg's birthday, we had dinner at Sandrine`s in Harvard Sq. last night.
omfg was that some tasty food...
Expensive, but tasty.
It's Alsatian, as in from the province of Alsace, currently France.

Little history lesson for you: it's gotten tossed back and forth between France and Germany a few times in the past couple centuries, so their food is sort of a fusion French/German. Mostly French though, but with some things like Bratwurst thrown into the mix.

Food was phenomenal. I was tempted by the escargot, but ended up not getting it. It's been awhile, and I was afraid I might not like it anymore. I had a Crabmeat and roasted veggie salad with a vodka cream sauce in a giant martini glass. *slobber* For the entree I had Sturgen, which I'd never had before. The fish was blah, but everything else on the plate (especially the sauces) was amazing, so it totally made up for the fact that Sturgen is a blah fish. Desert was awesome, but that's normal. ^_^
Meg had the best lobster I'd ever tasted in my life. No joke. it was absolutely amazing. The boil it, then roast it, and it was so tender and flavorful, and the saffron butter sauce on it... yeesh. so frickin good.

So if you're looking for expensive French-ish food, with a hearty twist, try Sandrine's. It's t3h tastay.

happy belly, even 16 hours later.

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