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Ok, I had the craziest dream last night.

I was sort of inside this First Person Shooter kind of game, but no guns. I had a nice Katana in one hand and the other hand had a weapon that was sometimes a wakazashi (don't care about spelling, stfu tommy!) and sometimes a katar with a standard sword hilt instead of a punch-handle.
I was cruizing through this office sort of a building, with Sean Connery as a side-kick (who died while scouting ahead at one point) and I'm killing evil office workers by severing their spinal cords in the back of their necks with a quick one-handed katana blow. (yes, it'd be hard, but it's a dream. Back off!)
I had a double scabbard on my back, that stuck out a sword hilt over each shoulder for a quick double draw. There was a small backpack section on the scabbard, where I had a spool of trip wire, climbing claws, a few concussion grenades, and some kind of throwing weapon. (a bit fuzzy there...)
it was the most clear and vivid dream I've had in most of my life. :o)

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