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realized I haven't posted since tuesday.
Quite unlike me of late.

not much going on really.
unlocked my old cell phone today, that was kind of cool. Can use it on my new t-mobile phone number now. It's a cute little old phone, fits in my pocket a lot better than my new one.
lacks the camera though. ^_^

Co-worker's last day is today, so I'll become the entire helpdesk starting monday.
This is both good and bad.

Haven't heard much from the band I started to play with. Drummer's on vacation until monday, so I'm assuming we'll play some time next week. My big bass amp is still in PA, need to figure out a way to get it up here. Shipping is possible, but it'd cost a bundle cause that sucker's heavy. Hoping that parents will come visit the last week of June and bring it up with them. Missing my parents. >_<
If only I could find a place to put my upright bass in the apartment... *scheemes*

It's hot, humid, and nasty this week in Bostonland. not enjoying it one little bit.

Haven't done much photography in the past few weeks, I need to get back on that horse. Music has pushed it's way back into the forefront of my thinking lately, what with the new bass, the band and all.

So there you have it, a status update.
be happy.

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